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Your story, your way. You write it, and we'll publish it. Don't have a connection with third-party distributors? Have no clue how to convert your manuscript into an ebook? No idea where to start editing and peeling back the layers? Don't worry. We've got you covered! 

from draft to distribution

Our Publishing Packages

all packages include the following services: 


coaching and mentoring, copyediting,

proofread editing, and book layout & design.

Publishing Packages

Starting at $3,000

complete package

This package may be right for you if...

- you've never written a book before

- only have a rough draft finished or semi finished

- you're not sure where to go from here

- editing feels super overwhelming

- you need all the support & free resources you can get!

- feeling too busy to get it done & need a buddy to reign ya in

Starting at $2,250

partial package

This package may be right for you if...

- you've had your manuscript laying around for a while now

- you're familiar with the editing process

- you're not quite sure how all the details work

- you love reading and can spot the typos

- you're excited but a little aimless when it comes to the business side of publishing

Starting at $1,500

basic package

This package may be right for you if...

- your friends and family keep telling you to publish your book

- you're no stranger to writing and rewriting

- you're an avid reader and often alpha/beta read

- you've got a manuscript sitting in your lap already ready

- you could do it alone, but would rather have the help

- you plan to write more books

Starting at $500

marketing package

This package includes:

- Skilled Author Website Design
- Social Media Marketing Plan for 1 month
- Logo design and Branding 
- Mailing List Set Up

- Landing Page
- 3 Custom Email Templates


client testimonial

"Yes to everything...  Thank you so much for helping me on this journey."



Still not sure?

Packages can be fitted to your needs. Schedule your free 30-minute consult to assess which package is right for you.

Or grab our FREE Guide to Publishing and find out what's right for you!

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