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Meraki [meh-rah-key]

​Meraki is a Greek word that is used to describe doing something with the essence of your being: with all your soul, creativity, or love. Meraki is what happens when you put yourself into what you're doing. Meraki is an extension of yourself, we recognize that your work is not just a labor of duty, but of love. 

So here at Meraki Press, we put our heart and soul into serving you, so that what YOU have put your heart and soul into, can be cherished for years to come.


Katie Zeliger | Owner, Meraki Press

People lover, world traveler, linguist enthusiast.

Can be found with a coffee in hand + deep in convo with literally anyone.

She has worked with authors, entrepreneurs, and grassroots non-profits from all walks of life to bring their soul deep dreams into a hand-held reality.

the meraki origin story

Image by Nathan Dumlao

The dream began in a small church 4 years ago when Katie's young adult group became interested in writing a devotional book. This sparked an interest that became a freelance hobby that hung on a hook in the background until a few years later.


Katie began working in a mental health facility, helping coach participants struggling with moderate to severe mental health issues. This led to working with a participant and she soon unearthed a secret. This man's dream was to write and publish a book. The following week he showed up with a messy stack of papers - computer paper, legal pad paper, even hard cardboard and napkins - covered in writing. There were no chapter breaks, no punctuation, no quotations between dialogue. It was one beautiful, glorious run-on sentence. This was this man's baby.

Katie spent seven months training this man who had a 6th-grade reading level how to use grammar and punctuation, how to edit, rewrite, and more. Together they completely edited and formatted his manuscript. Several weeks later, he smiled a toothy grin as he cradled his book and signed the first edition copy for his biggest fan. 

what you can expect 

celebrated support

Maybe you didn't know you needed a hype woman for this gig, but you got one! I believe we are our best selves when we are celebrated and honored. So Meraki is about celebrating the milestones as well as the personal victories no matter the size!

intuitive creativity

Getting to know YOU is the only way I can guarantee the delivery of a project made FOR you; made to be loved BY you! Individualized attention and curated elements lead to the reality of your vision and dream in the palm of your hand.

quality collaboration

This project will be a collaboration. It only exists because of YOU. It started with a dream and now it's my joy to nurture to life what you've labored to create! Meraki believes in empowering the voice of the client over the bottom line. Your work will remain YOURS, and this collaboration will champion your right to say yes or no every step of the way!

it's time to bring your dream out of hiding and into life.

I would love to support you as the work you created takes flight. Together, we can build a full-proof, easy to manage plan that guides you effortlessly into the success you desire.

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