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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Meraki mean?
    Meraki is a Greek word that is used to describe doing something with the essence of your being: with all your soul, creativity, or love. Meraki is what happens when you put yourself into what you're doing. Meraki is an extension of yourself, we recognize that your work is not just a labor of duty, but of love.
  • What is a Hybrid Publisher?
    Hybrid Publishing is the beautiful middle ground between Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing. With Hybrid Publishing, you get a team of skilled professionals to help bring your manuscript to life - like you would with Traditional Publishing - but you have all the say and autonomy over your story without doing it alone - like you would with Self-Publishing. Hiring a Hybrid Publisher is a one-stop shop for all your book needs. Rather than struggle through finding the right professionals to help your work shine by hiring out individual freelancers for every part of the process, you get it all in one neat package with Meraki Press.
  • What type of books do you publish?
    We choose to publish family friendly books that can encourage all readers. They can range from fiction to nonfiction, for all ages, and in various spheres of society. We do not publish anything that would be considers "R" or "X" rated. Whether that's violence, language, or inappropriate scenes, we choose not to spread any messages of hate or harm to anyone or anything.
  • What is Brand Collateral?
    Brand Collateral is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. Examples of Brand Collateral: Content Edit Social media images Business Cards Gift cards Facebook Cover Photo Contracts, timelines, & quotes Advertisements Promo graphics Signage Instagram story graphics Email Signature Blog post graphics Mugs, shirts, bags Backgrounds & wallpapers Presentation slides Handouts Brochures Greeting cards & postcards Invitations Packaging labels Infographics Stamps & stickers
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