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so you're ready to do the thing...

this is the part where you've built up the gumption to take the next step, but are likely still struggling with what that means. Well. I'm glad you're here. Just as you are. This is the intersection of comfort and growth.

what is hybrid publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is the creative third option between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

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Self-publishing is the process of publishing a book or other written work by the author themselves, rather than through a traditional publishing company. While there is no team working on your manuscript, this independance allows the author to have more control over the content and distribution of their work.

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Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid Publishing is a form of publishing that allows authors to take advantage of the benefits of both traditional and self-publishing. The author still retains the rights to their work and remains in control of their content and distribution. And the publisher takes on more of the financial and administrative burden of book production, distribution, and marketing.

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Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing refers to the process of publishing a book through established publishing houses or companies, which typically involves a manuscript being selected for publication by an editor, followed by editing, design, printing, and distribution of the book to bookstores and other retailers. 

Submission Process

We would love to learn more about your story. Here's how you can submit your manuscript to be considered for publication.

Submit Your First 3 Chapters

Our team will review your submission and respond with either a full manuscript request or a rejection.


After reviewing your story, we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your book and publishing further.


If everything falls into place, we'll send you a proposal for services, a contract, and deposit for you to review before moving forward.

what is a creative assistant?

A creative assistant is an individual that assists in creating innovative ideas, providing inspiration, and aiding in the creative process. It can take many forms, from web development and system creation to a human collaborator, and can be used with a variety of businesses. The goal of a creative assistant is to enhance and elevate the creative output of an individual or business.

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