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Submission Guidelines

Image by Kaitlyn Baker

Formatting guidelines:

  • Standard 8.5″x11″ pages.

  • Times New Roman font, 12 point, body text justified, double spacing.

  • Center align chapters.

  • Divide scenes with three-pound signs (###), center aligned.

  • If your story has chapters, use the “header” function at 30 point and have each start on a new page. 

  • No headers or footers.

  • Label document/save document “name” as “Author Name – Story Title.”

How to Submit:


Submit the form below and email your first three chapters as a DOCX attachment to

Please include an email introduction of yourself, a synopsis of your story, and any other relevant details.

Meraki Press New Authors


Are you interested in beginning or continuing your career as an author with Meraki Press?

Genres we are currently working with:

Children's Books

Chapter Books

Middle Grade Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

Adult Fiction

Contemporary Fiction

Clean Romance Fiction




Inspirational Nonfiction

Christian Living



Type of Author we're looking for:

Writers with a strong "WHY"

Writers who would like more independence than the Traditional publishing route offers.

Writers who need a little more help than an indie author.

Writers who create clean fiction, or tasteful nonfiction.

Writers who are dedicated to growing and developing their craft.

Writers who can take initiative on marketing and putting their book out there.

Writers who are willing to collaborate in a kind and professional manner with the Meraki Team. 

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