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Borrowed Stories
Poetry Anthology

Submit your Poem and Share your Story

See Submission Requirements Below

Borrowed Stories is Meraki Press' debut Poetry Anthology.

We are currently accepting submissions with the theme “Borrowed Stories.” Submissions should all be in the form of observational poetry. This means, all should be about stories you observed and how they impacted you, but that you were not the main character in. They should be non-fiction, but there is room for artistic license. There are no form requirements.

When you are submitting your original work, please take careful note that your spacing, line breaks, and formal elements of your poem are correct. Please limit your submission to one to three poems.

Original Artwork Welcome

We are looking for thematic artwork that conveys your view on a story. How you have perceived or witnessed events unfold before you. All mediums are welcome, from photography to painting and drawing. 

Contact us at for inquiries and questions.

Image by Fa Barboza

Calling All Creatives

We are opening the submissions to include original artwork for the poetry anthology. All mediums are welcome, from photography, to painting and drawing. There is no limit to the creative expression we are hoping to create.

Submission Requirements for

Borrowed Stories

Based on a True Story

Looking for poems based on a true story, but may have fictional elements or be a dramatized retelling of real events.


Original Content

Must be original work. You must maintain the right to the work you submit for review. After publication, if your work is chosen, you will retain the rights to your individual intellectual property.


Wholesome Rating

As a press, we reserve the right to refuse any work that may be consider graphic, gory, or vulgar in content. Meraki Press seeks to publish wholesome, family friendly content. We will not shirk away from difficult, or radical topics, but must be kept clean.


One Page in Length

Looking for shorter poems, approximately 32 lines in length, maximum. 


Up to 3 entries per person

We will only consider three entries from each poet, additional entries may be considered for future publications. While three may be consider, there is not a guarantee all three will be chosen.


File Submissions

We suggest all poems to be submitted in 12pt. Times New Roman font as a .doc or .docx file. All artwork should be submitted as a .jpg .jpeg .png or .pdf file.

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