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Street Team Guide

Street Team Guide

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Feeling nervous about your book launch? Don't sweat it! With our Street Team Guide, you'll discover the secret weapon of savvy authors: your very own street team.


This comprehensive digital guide demystifies the power of pre-launch marketing and shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Identify your dream reader: Who are you dying to reach? This guide helps you define your target audience and attract the perfect street team champions.
  • Build a passionate posse: From social media mavens to local book club leaders,learn how to recruit and cultivate a devoted team to spread the word.
  • Craft a winning game plan: Develop a strategic action plan with engaging activities, irresistible incentives, and clear communication to keep your team energized.
  • Harness the power of online & offline buzz: Unleash the promotional potential of social media, influencer marketing, and even guerilla tactics to generate excitement pre-launch.
  • Master the art of launch magic: Get expert tips on coordinating your street team with other marketing efforts for a flawless and impactful launch day.

No more launch night jitters! With this Street Team Guide, you'll have a loyal army of fans cheering you on, propelling your book to success right from the start.


Stop waiting for your book to be discovered. Take control of your launch and ignite a fan frenzy!

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