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77 Heart: Habits for a Transformational Life of Discipleship

77 Heart: Habits for a Transformational Life of Discipleship


"I must warn you; this journey is not for the faint of heart or the part-time follower. Rather, it is for those who are ready to go to the next level of spiritual growth, personal discipline, and impassioned prayer. It is for the individual who senses there is more to life with God and knows they need strong direction and intentional discipline to get there." Dr. Shelly Hogan, D.Min, Founder of E5 Life Strategies


NOWADAYS, everyone worries about their physical and mental health, which is essential. We are hitting the gym, eating right to lose weight, getting organized, and looking for clarity to obtain mental health. But what are we doing about our spiritual health? What are we doing about our hearts and soul? That's what is most important. Shouldn't we be more concerned with what lasts forever than what is only temporary? We leave our bodies here, but our soul is with us forever. When our hearts and souls are healthy, the rest will follow suit.


  • Do you feel like you're constantly stuck in a valley, always questioning your purpose?
  • Feel like you're doing everything right but still are not getting anywhere?
  • Is your life feeling dry, just going through the motions?
  • Do you find yourself wondering: what am I doing wrong?


I asked myself all the same questions. And God heard me. Over time, I prayerfully put together this spiritual boot camp that you now hold in your hands. 77 Heart was birthed out of a spiritual dry spell seeking intimacy with God. After 11 weeks of intentionally seeking God and practicing the various spiritual disciplines found in the Bible, I came out the other side a renewed woman. 77 Heart: Habits for a Transformational Life of Discipleship is an 11-week Devotional Journal that exists to help you create a life of Spiritual Discipline. Reader, beware. You will not be the same when you finish!

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