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10 Reasons to Support Indie Authors

If you’re apart of the #booktok or #bookstagram community, it’s likely that you’ve been hearing the buzz about indie authors or debut authors, on the ‘gram or TikTok. Wondering what all the fuss is about?

Indie authors are a rare breed of storytellers who create without conforming to mainstream ideals. The term “Indie Author” means someone who self-publishes or publishes using a small press. They are often debut authors looking to break onto the writing scene.

It can be a daunting task as a brand new author, and so they rely on their readers to bring their books to a wider audience. Your support on their books is HUGE.

Here are ten reasons why YOU should consider supporting indie authors:

1. Diverse Voices and Perspectives:

Indie authors often explore unique and diverse perspectives that might not be as prevalent in mainstream literature. By supporting them, you get to enjoy a wider range of storytelling and gain insight into different cultures, experiences, and viewpoints.

2. Fresh and Innovative Ideas:

Indie authors are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional genres and experimenting with new writing styles and formats. Since they aren’t focused to conform to the mainstream ideals and themes trad publishers often require, they get to write with wild imagination. By supporting them, you can discover fresh and innovative ideas that may challenge you ideas and expand your literary horizons.

3. Direct Connection:

Indie authors have a more direct relationship with their readers. This means readers like you can often interact with the authors through social media, email, or even in-person events, creating a more personal and engaging reading experience.

Extra perk: getting to witness their journey from first draft to publication is incredibly rewarding and connecting!

4. Hidden Gems:

Indie authors might not have the marketing resources of big publishing houses, which can lead to hidden gems going unnoticed. By supporting indie authors, you have the chance to uncover amazing books that might not have received widespread recognition. Also… you can to say “I knew them when…” 😉

5. Supporting Creativity:

Indie authors have the freedom to take risks and write stories that may not fit into traditional molds. By supporting them, readers encourage creative expression and contribute to a thriving literary landscape. Imagine getting to help kickstart the career of the next Stephen King or Agatha Christie?!

6. Empowerment of Individuals:

Indie authors are often self-published or published through small presses, which means YOU directly empower individual writers rather than large corporate entities. This support can make a meaningful difference in an author's career and livelihood.

7. Community Building:

Indie authors often form supportive communities with other writers and readers. By engaging with indie authors, you can become a part of these communities, sharing recommendations, participating in discussions, and fostering a sense of belonging. The #bookstagram community is thriving and welcoming, I encourage you to join it!

8. Tailored Recommendations:

Indie authors often cater to specific niches and subgenres that might not be fully explored by traditional publishers. By supporting indie authors, readers can find books that align closely with their interests and preferences. It’s incredible to see more niches explored that help bring visibility to unique circumstances that are often overlooked!

9. Influence on Content:

Some indie authors involve their readers in the creative process, seeking input on plot twists, character development, and more. By supporting indie authors, you may have the chance to shape the direction of a story they're invested in.

Receiving ARCs or eARCs (Advanced Reader Copies or ebooks versions), being a part of a beta reading or reader critique group for a new author is very common! So is joining their street team or launch team - helping them spread the word about their book as they prepare for publication!

10. Inspired to Write:

Once you befriend an indie author and witness their passion, the victories, and all the behind the scenes… it usually isn’t long until you feel the pull to write yourself. Their inspiration and passion can be quite contagious! Watching someone go from writing as a hobby to writing as a profession can be boost you need to see that pursuing your dreams of writing is actually quite possible!

Supporting indie authors can be incredibly rewarding, both for the readers and for the authors themselves.

Here are a few ways you can start today:


The best way you can support a debut author is to purchase their book from them. Just Google them to see where you can get them!

Follow (& engage) with them on Social Media!

You wouldn’t believe how encouraging and helpful it is to follow, like, comment, and share their content on social media. Each action helps push their content to a wider audience which can mean more sales and more people impacted by their words.

Leave a Review!

Wherever you bought the book (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.,) allows the reader to leave a review. This helps other potential readers see that their work is the real deal!

Add the to your Goodreads list!

If you have a Goodreads account, add the debut author’s book to your list. This can allow others to see it and encourage them to read it to!

Share the book with friends!

Tell your friend about it, buy them the paperback as a gift, etc. Word of mouth is sometimes the best advertising an author can get!

In conclusion, supporting indie authors not only offers people a chance to explore unique stories and perspectives but also empowers individual creators and contributes to a rich and diverse literary ecosystem.

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