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Meet the Author: Liann Beard

We sat down with Meraki Press's newest debut author, Liann Beard, to ask her about her new children's book!

Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in Minnesota, the youngest of five siblings. After graduating high school, my dream was to be a state police officer, but I ended up doing several other jobs. Some of those are in Electrical, Construction, and building homes, to becoming a Journeyman Carpenter building bridges. My last jobs were working in nursing homes and caring for the elderly in their homes, being end-stage hospice care.

What inspired/led you to write a children's book, The Drib?

Thirty years ago, my nephew Josh asked me to help him write a story while he was in grade school, which became the Drib!

You also illustrated The Drib, how did you come to decide you'd illustrate it yourself?

I illustrated it because I’ve always been drawn toward art and characters. I figured that creating funny-looking characters would make it a bit more interesting in the eyes of the children.

What is your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing is being able to create a story and characters that both young and old can relate to. I also enjoy bringing some fun and laughter into the lives of the readers.

Do you have a piece of advice for someone who wants to write a book?

Go for it! It’s a lot of fun! And it’s maybe something you can pass along to bring joy to others' lives.

What was the easiest and most difficult part of publishing?

Easiest? I guess it would be pulling my story out of that old dusty box that it laid in for thirty years lol. The most difficult part? Hmm... Probably preparing for the book launch. All the last-minute things, I guess that’s really not that difficult, so let me rephrase that. Difficult part? Nope! All went completely as planned! Plus, I have a really good publishing company helping me out!

If you could go back to the beginning, is there anything you would’ve done differently to get this book published?

no, I don’t believe so like I said Meraki did all the hard work for me!

Tell us your favorite book or favorite children's book

My favorite book is the Bible! My favorite children’s books the three that I read to my daughter every night when she was young: The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes, The Book of Virtues, and The Moral Compass.

Do you think you'd ever write another children's book?

Would I write another book? Hmm, I guess we’ll wait and see!

And Lastly, where can readers find your book? Or learn more about you?

The Drib is available online everywhere books are sold: Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, & Target!

Thank you Liann Beard for sharing your time and insights with us!

If you would like to follow along with Liann's book and further updates, you can find her on social media at: Liann Beard.

You can preorder her debut book here: The Drib

Available everywhere June 8th, 2024!

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